Axel Boethius

Connect with yourself and with others from a new and more powerful place.

Personal Development

Business Development


1 on 1 Six weeks program

A program to guide you into a continuous practice. To help you relax in a safe space and find calm using your breath.

What you get:

  • 6 private sessions in city center studio
  • Recorded morning meditation
  • Continuous accountability and feedback throughout the program

During the six weeks program we go deeper for every week finding ways to for you to open up and to come in contact with yourself in a new way. We discover what it takes for you to live a life with less stress and by that allow you to find new ways to work and live your life.

The program is designed just for you and it allows us to create a container of trust where you can truly open up.

6 week team breathwork

What you get:

  • Connect with a group over 6 weeks of continuous breathwork and workshops
  • Recorded meditation
  • Group thread with peer to peer accountability and continuous feedback

In this 5 weeks group program we use the power of the group to find energy and strength within yourself through the group. We use a combination of techniques to lower your stress levels and find your center.

This program is available to join as an individual and then join a group, open upon critical mass, make a request.

It is also available for corporate and private groups wanting to find a way forward.

Corporate events

A new way to open up your conference or off site.

What you get:

  • Open up your conference of off site with breathwork
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Business development

Axel has proven experience of opening up groups to enable positive and truly innovative meetings. If you want to create a new way of working this is the perfect way to start off. Meditation allows us to peel of layers of armour and become more receptive to new ideas. It opens up your intuition and Axel has worked with teams that has been able to put aside their differences and allow real cooperation to evolve.

These corporate packages are custom made for your needs, book an intro call to know more.

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