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Learning to observe myself from the outside is the single most important shift in my life. Using the breath as a tool is what made that possible.

Benifits of breathwork

Find head space

The breathing brings you into the body from the mind and lowers the brain frequency and clutter in your mind.

Improved health

Circulation and cell rejuvenation increase your over all health.

Lower levels of stress

Deep breathing may lower the level of cortisol and your stress levels with it. This is beneficial in many different ways.

Balance blood pressure

Continuous breathwork has shown to have positive effect on blood pressure and increased respiratory functions.

About Axel

Axel har worked with the UN, with numerous companies ranging from the finance sector to media and from Start ups to Big corps. He has opened up tech conferences, facilitated off sites as well as guided large numbers of individual clients. The common tool is and has been Breathwork and the purpose and result to find the connection to the body and from the space, with lower levels of stress, create a willingness to meet who and whatever comes from a place of presence.

"I’d go so far as to say that it’s actually therapeutic without even saying a word. Axel’s voice and, every now and then, light touch deepens the experience. My body feels like it has a new lower vibration. I feel more grounded, I can find my center quicker and also feel more open.”

Caroline von Post

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