Mission statement

I work with conscious leaders who wish to make an environmental impact through their business. I support them in creating a truly sustainable business model.

What differentiates me from others in the field is that I work with people and driving forces rather than products and services. That makes the changes we make together; PERMANENT. These best practices become an authentic part of the company culture and improve employer satisfaction through belonging and commitment. Long term revenue is a natural result to a well-adjusted sustainable structure.




Where there is a will there is a way. 

And there is a way. I have met so many people who want to create change and improve the state of the environment, the question they ask themselves is how. By working with me and the Sustainability360 program you will be able to shift the mindset of your employees, discover the possibilities where you can make a difference as a person as well as business owner/ leader. 

You will be inspired to do better and I will support you every step of the way. Our work and the change we create will lead to:

  • A more meaningful work life for you and your team.

  • A powerful sustainability strategy

  • A protocol that enables continuous improvement

  • Stable long term revenue growth

  • Lower recruitment cost

  • Brighter future




Consciousness is the key. If you want to be inspired and see the possibilities with environmental change you've come to the right place. 

My main lecture covers how to raise awareness and maintaining the energy while being the change you want to see, in your local community as well as on a global level. 

I will leave you with increased knowledge, alot of  ideas and inspiration. And you will be happier then when you entered.




How do you create a sustainable business model? How would one look in your sector? Who does what and when? Engage your people in a workshop where we go through how to make small and large changes in your day to day work creating that long lasting change.

  • Setting up your strategic structure

  • How to find happiness in the work

  • Working with purpose

We really appreciated Axel’s talk. Axel inspired us and our discussions continued long after the talk was over.
— Karin Östring Bergman Centre party
We are really happy and honored that Axel joined us to talk and to inspire us on how everyone of us by just changing our routines can be a part of making the world a better place. It’s not impossible. After after listening to Axel’s talk it’s only possible and I’m sure that all of those who joined our lunch have already started their journey.
— Martin Tallvid Head Curator at Helio



A sustainable business model is not just the only way to go, it is also the right way to go from a business perspective. 

Sustainable businesses 

  • Produce better long term results

  • Are more attractive to high demanding key personel and keep the right people on for longer

  • Are more efficient 

  • Have higher valuation on financial markets. 

Axel Boëthius Sustainability Strategy helps you create an sustainable business model based on your authenticity and core values.