Plogga is an amazing Swedish initiative. The word itself combines the two Swedish words plocka (to pick up) and jogga (to jog) and it is morphed into the movement of plogging, now spreading around the globe. Plogga was introduced as a new word in the Swedish language in 2017 and plogging events have been set up all around the world in places such as Svalbard, Quito, Mexico city to name a few. Plogga is the proof that a small idealistic idea in a country such as Sweden can inspire real change in other countries with far larger populations thus having real global effect. 

As a proud Plogga Ambassador I have commited not only to spread the word but also to pick up 226 kilos of trash while plogging this year. Why 226 kilos? It is what the average Swede throws in the residual waste bin every year. To have a measurable goal allows me to give even more every day. I hope to inspire others so that we all make the world a little bit more beautiful, the oceans a little bit cleaner and the people a lot happier.


Join us!

Are you interested in starting plogging with us, come join an event.