I have a goal for 2018

I find litter disturbring. I like my surroundings to be clean and tidy. There is a charm of dirty places like Manhattan and Berlin but man o man do I like to be home and walk through the woods and look at the water that surrounds everything in Stockholm.

Litter annoys me, it stains this perfect picture of the place where I live. So I had to choices, to complain or to take action. I chose the latter.

I joined a movement called Plogga and started Plogging, I started a tribe called TrashRunnerz. We inspire people to be conscious about the environment and take action if only a little action everyday. I pick up litter every day. Every other day I go plogging and quite often I arrange events where we come together and plog a neighborhood somewhere. A few weeks ago we got 40 people to come together cleaning up the channel that I pass every day from as many kilos of trash, and we had so much fun, paddling Stand up paddle boards and running, having a BBQ and hanging out. 

My goal for this year is to Pick up 226 kilos of trash. That is the amount the average Swede put in the trash can each year. I try to put as little as I ever can in the residual waste, reusing and recycling and now I pick up the litter so another soul can choose not to this year, or hopefully I'll inspire that person to do a little better and we all win. I have 133kg left after almost six months (starting on the 18th of Jan). So 42% done. I'll make it.

Axel BoethiusPlogga