Where do you see yourself and your company in five years? Do you have the same processes? Do you stick your head in the sand regarding the environmental impact that you have? For many of us the answer is yes, we want to do something but we just don't have the time. Clients, partners, recruiting and other more pressing matters come first. Would you like to increase productivity, get a happier work force, and a more sustainable business model all at the same time? Then we can work together.



Traditional leadership has been to have clearly defined targets and goals and then letting the work force execute. But today we are all about the purpose as a driving force. Sustainability is right there in the centre of everything. No one can deny that to continue to live as a species is important, the question is whether or not we consider it overwhelming. We support you in finding and or igniting that spark that is in everyone when we do something that is larger than ourselves. Step one in the Sherpa process is EE -engagement and empowerment of your people.


Internal processes

In step one we define your driving forces, not only as an owner or and leader but front and centre in the company. In step two we align the internal processes and routines to the values and purpose of the company. The importance of clearly defining and incorporating the values is the base on which we now develop a decision making process that includes every person in the company, raising the vibration within the company and enabling the magic to happen.


External processes

Step three is aligning the external processes with your values where possible and making conscious well communicated desicions where this is needed. Through this process we become truly authentic and self respect and value driven desicisons become real.





You have engaged personel that is make decisions not from orders and demands from leadership but through a joined understanding of the company values and understand why they are here. It is now time to include this in marketing material and show it to the world.